Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Buying your first nsr 80

This is my nsr80. I bought it last may to get around on for the summer. I got it from a dealer for 1000 euro. Pretty good deal as it was an '04 with a 6 month guarantee. Anyway the Summers coming up and if like me you want an Nsr 80 or 125 for the summer to get around affordably and in reasonable style, post a comment and I will be happy to help you out in any way I can with finding a good bike. I will be posting more tips on nsr hunting each week. 


  1. Looking to pick up a first bike to learn on. Worth picking up an NSR80? Was looking for something with a bit more power as I've heard you'd get sick of the 80cc very fast.

  2. Also - not sure you can do it with blogspot as not much experience with it, but you'd be much better off with Facebook as the commenting type as everyone has a Facebook account and it keeps it consistent. Just a thought :)

  3. Hi I got my Nsr a few moths a go . But it stopped . My piston is gone . And I'll feed in the cylinder a piston 48 (cm) with 1 ring
    Carburator 26
    Original I did 130 km/h