Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Cheap Nsr 80 Fairings

Everyones looking for them. Nsr 80 fairing are fragile but bikes look incomplete without them. Look after your fairings! If you are reading this you probably haven't looked after them at all. So, what do you do?

                                 Look around your local area via local ad papers. Ask around at school or college. My brother recently got a good deal on fairings from a guy at his school who had blown his nsr engine (PLEASE USE YOUR 2 STROKE!!!!). Just have a look around before going on donedeal or even worse e-bay where you are looking at 280 euro for a new set. I'll answer any q's you have just follow my blog and post a comment.

Buying your first nsr 80

This is my nsr80. I bought it last may to get around on for the summer. I got it from a dealer for 1000 euro. Pretty good deal as it was an '04 with a 6 month guarantee. Anyway the Summers coming up and if like me you want an Nsr 80 or 125 for the summer to get around affordably and in reasonable style, post a comment and I will be happy to help you out in any way I can with finding a good bike. I will be posting more tips on nsr hunting each week.